Joke Of The Day–May 3, 2019

A man hears his doorbell ringing at 3 am and goes to answer.

There he finds a guy standing in the pouring rain and fog. Hey buddy he asks, can you give me a push?

No the man says angerly, its 3 am and raining cats and dogs. He slams the door and goes back to bed.

Who was that asks his wife. Just some guy looking for a push. I told him to get lost said the husband.

Hold on said the wife, remember a few months ago when we broke down on the 401 and those guys gave us a push.

You’re right says the husband, who throws on his overcoat and goes outside.

Hey he yells in the fog, do you still need a push.

Yes he hears.

Where are you the man asks?

Over here on the swing set replies the drunk.

“Photo courtesy of: Clipart Library”

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