It Seems The Youngest Of Siblings Are Also The Funniest

If you have a brother or a sister, you must know where you stand when it comes to the comedian in the family or at least the silly, goofy one.  There seems to be one in every family. This study says it usually tends to be the youngest who becomes the silly one with the eldest feeling  they have the most responsibility.  Where do you fit into this picture?

Sibling rivalry can get pretty intense, but when it comes to who is the funniest of the bunch, there may be a clear-cut winner.

According to the British research company You-Gov, the youngest sibling tends to have the best sense of humor.

Experts say it all comes down to personality traits.

Older children were found to be more responsible and organized compared to the more free-flowing nature of the youngest.

The study showed 54 percent of firstborns believed they were more burdened by responsibility compared to 31 percent of the youngest siblings.

On the other hand, only 36 percent of oldest children said they were funny.‚Äč

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