Here’s A List Of All The Beer Drinking “Holidays” in 2019

There are many popular holidays throughout the year. Holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Canada Day, and Hanukkah, usually come with a tradition on how you celebrate them. Of course, it’s easy to incorporate beer into any holiday but did you know that there are days specifically devoted to drinking beer, beer styles, and other fun things that have to do with the beer industry? Check out these awesome beer “holidays” to celebrate throughout the year!

January 24: Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day is all about appreciating your favourite beer can designs (duh). Head over to your local liquor store, pub, or brewery and pick up a few of your favourite beers that come in cans! Check out these beautiful beer can designs to help you celebrate!

January 25: Burns Night

January 25 is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. Robert Burns is known as Scotland’s national bard. Burns Night celebrations are all about eating Scottish food, drinking Scottish beer, and listening to Scottish verses.

February 2: Groundhog Day

You might be thinking, “What does Groundhog Day have to do with beer?”. It doesn’t! But grab some beer and drink it anyways! Check out these beer hogs to give you some inspiration on what to drink this Groundhog Day.

February 3: Super Bowl Sunday

What pairs better together than beer and football? … We couldn’t think of an answer either. We know you’ll be drinking your favourite brews this Super Bowl Sunday, but what will you be eating? Here are some beer snacks for the big game so that you can drink your beer and eat it too!

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love…ing beer! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a sweetheart or not, here are some great beers to drink while celebrating the day of love.

February 24: World Bartender Day

Head over to your local pub and grab a beer from your favourite bartender and make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them! If you’re a bartender yourself, then cheers to you! Are you an aspiring bartender? Here are some tips to make sure you’re the best!

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day. Beer. Need we say more?

March 23: Orval Day

The Orval legend began almost 1,000 years ago, when a princess accidentally dropped her ring into a spring and a trout returned it. It continues now, with a day to reflect on and enjoy amazing Trappist ale. To read more about Orval Day, click here.

March 27: Michael Jackson Day

No not that Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson was actually a famous beer critic who wrote many books about beer and whisky. Celebrate today by picking up your favourite beer and giving it your best review using your JustBeer App.

April 6: New Beers Eve

1920 – 1933 was the period of Prohibition in the United States. Thankfully in 1933 the government came to their senses. On this date in 1933, people lined up around the block at the doors of their favorite public house to prepare to imbibe the first legal brews in 13 years. Ever since that night, this day has been referred to as ‘New Beer’s Eve’, a precursor of ‘New Beers Day’.

April 7: National Beer Day

The anniversary of the end of Prohibition in the United States. Celebrate today and be thankful you weren’t alive in the years of 1920 – 1933!

April 11: King Gambrinus Day

King Gambrinus, A.K.A “The King of Beers”, learned how to brew beer from the Egyptian gods Iris and Osiris. The legend states that K.G. sold his soul to the devil to become the first mortal brewer, then outdrank the devil when he came to collect. King Gambrinus once drank for three days and three nights at a banquet, and everyone was so impressed, they crowned him king. He lived to be 100 years old and it was said that he was buried in a beer barrel instead of a coffin. King Gambrinus will always be remembered as an icon of beer, brewing and joviality.

April 17: Saison Day

Celebrate today buy sipping on your favourite Saisons from your favourite local breweries.

April 23: German Beer Day

Drink all of your favourite German beers today! To learn more about German beers, and German beer styles, check out JustBeer University.

May 7: National Home-brew Day

Today is all for the home-brewers. Try brewing something new, or give all your friends some of your own home-brewed beer so they can celebrate today with you.

July 18: St Arnoldus Day

St Arnoldus was the patron saint of Belgian Brewers and hop-pickers. Celebrate St Arnoldus on July 18 by drinking hoppy Belgian brews, and eating amazing Belgian beer food pairings.

July 21: Belgian National Day

Belgian National Day is like Belgium’s Independence Day. July 21 is one of Belgium’s ten public holidays and honours King Leopold I, the country’s first monarch, in 1831 after the Belgian Revolution. Celebrate today but drinking great Belgian beers!

August 1: IPA Day

Finally, a day dedicated for all you Hop Heads! Celebrate IPA Day by sipping on your favourite India Pale Ale, or try one you’ve never had!

August 2: International Beer Day

International Beer Day = The best day of the year! Celebrate alone, with friends, or with your dog. We don’t care what you do today as long as you have a cold brew in your hand!

September 20: Sour Beer Day

Are you a sour beer lover? This day is perfect for you! Not a sour beer lover? That’s ok! Take today to try to find a sour beer you love.

September 27: Crush A Can Day

Take out all your anger and frustrations on Crush A Can Day! Spend the day drinking your favourite brews with your friends. You know what to do with the empty cans.

September 28: Drink Beer Day

Drink Beer Day? Isn’t that everyday?

September 22: First Day of Oktoberfest

Get out your Dirndls and Lederhosen folks! It’s the first day of Oktoberfest! Check out our many Oktoberfest articles to help you get prepared.

October 6: Last Day of Oktoberfest

The last day of Oktoberfest is always a sad one. End on a high note by drinking your favourite German beers and singing songs with your best pals.

October 9: Beer and Pizza Day

This day is perfect for anyone who commonly asks “What should I have for dinner tonight?“.

October 14: Homebrewing Legalization Day

October 14 is the anniversary of the day that home brewing was legalized in the United States, thanks to President Jimmy Carter, in 1978.

October 27: National American Beer Day

Today’s the day to whip out all your favourite American beers. The second best American holiday besides 4th of July, of course.

October 31: Halloween

We know that Halloween doesn’t really have anything to do with beer… but let’s drink it anyways! Here are some of our favourite beers to drink on Halloween night.

November 3: Learn How To Home-brew Day

If you’ve been thinking of getting into home-brewing, today is your day!

November 7: International Stout Day

Finally a day for all you stout lovers! Not sure about stouts or don’t know anything about the beer style? That’s ok! Click here to learn more about stouts.

December 10: National Lager Day

Lagers are some of the most popular beer styles in the world. Celebrate today by cracking open your favourite lager beers and reading this post to learn a little bit more about lagers.

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