Family Had No Idea What Was Living In Their Wall

Owning a home comes with its own set of challenges. Whenever something breaks down, you have to be the one to fix it. Either that or you have to be the one to pay somebody else to fix it. Every home has parts of it that need fixing or updating, but sometimes those little things turn out to be very big things. Sometimes they even turn out to be living things.

It was late September in Tennessee when the family started hearing strange noises coming from their walls. It sounded like scratching, like something— or someone— was moving inside their kitchen wall.

They decided that they needed to call in a pest control specialist. If there was some sort of animal in there, it might be stuck and need some help escaping. It was anyone’s guess what type of animal it would be, though.

It’s not that uncommon for animals, especially small rodents like rats and squirrels, to make little homes inside of the walls of your house. When the weather gets cold, they look for places to make burrows for the winter.

The thing is, these noises had been going on for a while. It was September and it wasn’t cold yet. The noises weren’t going away, they were only getting louder and more intense.

The family determined that the creature inside their walls must be some sort of insect because the noise wasn’t going away. Also, they were pretty sure that they could hear a faint buzzing noise.

They consulted the internet to figure out how to get rid of a bug infestation. The family ended up creating a DIY bug bomb, and they deployed it hoping that it would finally rid them of their problem.

After they launched their DIY bug bomb, the sound still didn’t stop. Every time they were standing close to the wall, they could hear scratching and a faint humming. The homemade pesticides clearly weren’t working, so the family decided to call for backup.

Once they found out about pest expert David Glover, they knew that he was the man for the job. He had a proven track record of solving problems exactly like this one.

David is a seasoned professional. He knew that he could handle whatever was in that wall. He suited up, prepared all of his fancy insect exterminating devices, and got right to work.

He was pretty sure that he had seen every kind of insect infestation there was to see and that nothing could shock him, but what he saw next was truly a first for him. He hadn’t seen anything quite like this before.

David started inspecting the outer wall of the kitchen. It was a brick wall that looked pretty solid, but he knew there had to be a hole somewhere. How else would an insect get in? Soon he discovered a “weep hole.” He also found another small gap between the kitchen window and the brick.

David decided to use smoke as he worked on removing whatever pests were inside that wall just in case they had nasty stingers. He also used a bit of natural insect repellent just to be safe. You can never be too careful when you’re working with unknown pests inside of a wall.

The insects were most likely momentarily stunned by the smoke, so David got to work widening the hole in the brick so he could get a better look at the inside of the wall.

As soon as he pulled the first brick off the wall, he knew what he was dealing with. David had actually suspected that this was probably the issue. All of his expertise and experience led him to the right answer.

The creatures that had been making so much noise inside the wall were honeybees. A whole hive of honeybees to be exact. David knew by the size of that comb that there was a whole lot more honey and a whole lot more bees behind those bricks. David got ready for the most extensive pest removal job of his career.

David began removing layer after layer of brick. He was able to remove two whole rows in just a few minutes. With each brick he removed, he discovered more of the beehive. The problem was, this beehive seemed to be never ending. At this point, David was wondering just how many more bricks he’d have to pry free before he could see the whole hive. Would there even be any wall left?

David kept removing pieces of the wall brick by brick until he had removed five rows of brick. That’s when he realized just how big this beehive was.
Pretty soon, the entire hive was revealed. David was relieved that he had found the edges of the hive, but he knew he had a huge job to do. This was the biggest beehive he had ever encountered in a wall.

The hive was absolutely massive. Its size dwarfed that of the kitchen window set above it. According to David, it was the single largest honeycomb he had ever seen! These bees were hard at work making honey and storing it away for future generations. This family had been sharing their home with a whole bunch of tenants and they didn’t even know it. It’s about time for these bees to be evicted.

When David took a closer look at the buzzing and bustling hive, he noticed that it contained thirteen capped queen cells, each with a separate virgin queen bee. It was clear to David that this hive wasn’t just incredibly active — it was thriving.

If this hive had been left alone for a few more weeks, it could have doubled in size. These bees had found a good home, and they wanted to fill it with more bees.

As David inspected the rest of the hive, he noticed a few dead bees clustered on the left side of the colony. When the family set off their DIY bug bomb, a few of the bees must have gotten caught in the crossfire. The chemicals may have killed off a few worker drones, but there was no way that a little homemade bug bomb was going to kill off an entire swarm of bees.

The bees were definitely doing damage to this family’s house, and David knew that they were making a lot of noise, but he didn’t want to exterminate the bees entirely. Around the world, there’s a huge problem with bee populations dying that are vital to the ecosystem. These bees were thriving, and they should continue to thrive, just not in somebody’s house. David had a plan. He was going to relocate the bees to a more suitable home.

You would think that a swarm of honeybees wouldn’t take too kindly to a man who is literally dismantling their home, but these bees were actually pretty chill. The bees were oddly cooperative and some of them even sat on David’s shoulder as he worked. The ones who had just had their queen taken away were especially curious. They kept hovering around the bee box that their queen was in.

Once the combs were removed, David began cleaning up his work area. As you can probably imagine, ripping open a brick wall to remove a few thousand honeybees creates a lot of mess. There was a big hole in the side of the house that now had to be fixed, but at least all of the bees were safely removed. The family could rest easy knowing that there wouldn’t be anymore buzzing or scratching inside their wall.

Bees may get a bad rap. A lot of people are scared of them because they have a pretty powerful sting, but bees won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. They are an essential part of our planet’s ecosystem. You really shouldn’t kill bees who make their way into your home. Just politely guide them to the exit (or call for professional help if they’re building a hive in your wall).

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