“Cockroach Challenge” is The Internet’s Latest Viral Craze

The internet has had its share of contests and challenges throughout the years, from ice buckets to bottle flips, Chubby Bunny and Harlem Shake, internet challenges are a rage.

While some of the challenges lead to something creative, there are some bizarre ones that have no explanation whatsoever.

Now, a bizarre challenge is doing the rounds on social media and it involves putting a cockroach on your face. As expected, people were grossed out after pictures of the ‘Cockroach Challenge’ started circulating on Twitter and Facebook.

The challenge started after Facebook user Alex Aung posted a picture with a cockroach on his face on April 20. His caption read, “New challenge, can you do this?” The post quickly went viral and other users started sharing their own Cockroach challenge pictures.

Now participants are even going as far as putting cockroaches in their mouths and snapping a picture to post!

Thanks internet.

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