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A Kidney For Transplant Was Delivered By Drone For The First Time Ever

Gabriel Garcia Marengo / CC A kidney scheduled for transplant was delivered by a drone for the first time ever, said the University of Maryland Medical Center, in a move they say could make organ delivery safer and more affordable.

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When It Comes To Snoring, Men And Women Differ When it Comes To Admitting It

In this particular study, women were less likely to snore but were also less likely to admit it. A new study by Ben-Gurion University reveals that many women lie about whether they snore or not. Other findings: – 88% of

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This Is The Age When We’re Most Optimistic

Kalyan Chakravarthy / CC There’s a widespread assumption that people start life off brimming with optimism and become increasingly negative and bitter as they age. But a new study published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science is challenging the notion

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Dog Owners Better Off Physically And Mentally Than Those Without Pets

Healthy Dog Owner Survey A new study by the University of Liverpool reveals that dog owners are healthier than other people because they frequently exercise with their pets. Other findings: – dog owners are 10 times more active than people

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Avengers: Endgame, Smashes Box Office Records

So what did you do this weekend? Apparently a large portion went to see “Avengers: Endgame” The Marvel movie has obliterated the record for biggest opening weekend, taking in an estimated 350-million dollars in ticket sales in Canada and the

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Amazon to Offer Prime Members New Delivery Incentives

Amazon plans to deliver packages to members of its loyalty club Prime in just one day, instead of two days, part of a spending ramp-up that might curb future profits after a blockbuster first quarter. Shares rose as much as

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How to Get in a Good Mood in Just 12 Minutes

Researchers at Iowa State University suggest that social media can be a pit of comparison despair for many. Psychology Professor  Douglas Gentile, who led the study  said, ” We often feel envy ,jealousy, anger or disappointment in response to what

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Netflix Films To Maintain Oscar Eligibility

Films from streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu that meet theatrical release requirements will continue to be eligible for Oscar consideration, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced. “We support the theatrical experience as integral to

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People Are Still Using These Passwords?

It seems every year we hear about people using very weak passwords for their online accounts. Sure they can be hard to remember, particularly when we have so many different accounts.  But using 123456 is not going to keep your

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Shut Down Sugar Cravings By Sniffing This…

Cookies calling your name?  Inhale the tropical scent of pineapple (fresh or frozen).  This trick activates the brain’s satiety center, shutting down sugar cravings in just a couple of  minutes. picture:

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Housework Good For Your Physical And Mental Health

According to this article and study, a little housework is also good for the body and brain.  It doesn’t take much.  Light activity here and there can go a long way.  Previously it was believed that only sustained activity that

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It Takes Less Than 6 Months To Know If They Are The One, Study Finds

Do you remember the time when you knew he or she was the one?  For some it happens instantly.  For others it can sneak up on them or happen slowly over time.  Leave it to researchers to quantify something so

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It Seems The Youngest Of Siblings Are Also The Funniest

If you have a brother or a sister, you must know where you stand when it comes to the comedian in the family or at least the silly, goofy one.  There seems to be one in every family. This study

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Things to do with the family this long weekend

It’s Easter weekend, and that means good fun, great food, and time with the family! This Saturday, let’s have a holiday ball at Bunnyland at Mic Mac Mall; with family fun activities including face painting, crafts, pin the tail on

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Martha Stewart Brand Sold For $215 Million

Martha Stewart’s brand isn’t worth what it used to be. Her homemaking empire, including her lines of home furnishings, kitchenware and other branded products, has been sold to Marquee Brands for $215 million — or $140 million less than what

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