10 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Holiday

The Canada Day long weekend weather was anything but spectacular this year, but fear not Haligonians, Jewel 105 has compiled a list of activities to do the next time we have a rainy holiday!

1. Read a book. If you’re an avid reader like me, this will be top of your list. If you’re not, maybe it’s time to start a reading habit.

2. Go on a coffee crawl. Check out the local coffee shops. Even the smallest locations have a few choices. You can compare cakes, coffee, seats, bathrooms and wi-fi speed. If you drink slowly (or a lot), this can take a whole day.

3. Catch up on your messaging. No, I’m not talking about emails or work. I’m talking about that message you keep meaning to reply to from your aunty or the group chat about the next social with your friends at home.

4. Get day drunk. Yes, this isn’t going to win me any sensible points but when was the last time you had a bottomless mimosa brunch? (If the answer’s yesterday, maybe skip onto the next one.)

5. Take some photos. I like to look at blue sky but a moody cover of clouds makes for a much more interesting picture. Get snapping.

6. Go to the cinema. As well as being dry and selling popcorn (two factors that win all on their own), why not catch the latest blockbuster?

7. Take a nap. With zero guilt and nothing else pressing to do, why not drift off for an afternoon nap. Don’t forget to set an alarm – this is a nap, not an exercise in messing up your body clock.

8. Reach out to old contacts. Ever wonder whatever happened to Barbara Beeswax who you used to work with or Carly Curlyhair from school? The chances of finding these old contacts online is pretty high. Why not try to track them down?

9. Do some puzzles. Exercise your brain with some puzzles – crosswords, sudoku, math challenges (not for me, thanks), give your brain something to chew on and get a bit smarter in the process. Can be combined with day drinking but your success rate will decrease over time.

10. Listen to music. Take some time to listen to some tunes. Tune your radio to Jewel 105 and let us brighten your rainy holiday!

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